Jade Danielle Williams

Jade Danielle WilliamsJade Danielle Williams

London, UK


Jade Danielle Williams draws on the influences of her early exposure to classical music to inform her singing and songwriting. The expressionist colours of composers such as Debussy, along with the harmonies and tonal qualities of the Renaissance, have helped shape Jade’s own ear and her songwriting. After learning to play the piano at a young age and singing classical, Welsh folk, Italian arias, and German lieder, she gained a place at the prestigious Wells Cathedral School. But she has always been drawn to all genres of Music, from The Doors to Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, through to Massive Attack, Erykah Badu, Nirvana and Modest Mouse, Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young and The Smiths. Her musical tastes are a modern synthesis of all that has surrounded her. After Jade left Wales for school in Somerset, she headed to London to study Opera, but she discovered that she was destined to write and perform her own material. After setting up an open mic night as well as supporting and promoting original unsigned music on London's live scene, Jade ensured that she met musicians, producers and music lovers across the capital. Session singing and performing with other original artists inspired her in 2013 to start up her own band, Du Bellows, which has toured Europe and supported artists such as Pere Ubu, Garland Jeffreys, and the Mick Ralphs Blues Band. As well as prestigious Guitarist and Artist, John Perry (The Only Ones) guesting on their sold-out Olympic Studios Unplugged show, hosted by the legendary producer Chris Kimsey. Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page has described Du Bellows as "by far one of the most interesting and musically adept bands I have seen recently. There is a cosmic counterpoint alive and well here”. Du Bellows have also recorded their soon to be released EP with Chris Kimsey at Eastcote Studios which is available already on Spotify. As a session singer as well as an original artist, working with prodigious band Sharks and guesting with the upcoming band The Second Sons, Jade is always looking to collaborate with artists or add her own vocal layers to original projects. Hers are vocals that can sear and caress from moment to moment. She's Merthyr-born, so perhaps that's why. From a whisper to a scream, to hear what Jade sings and how; is to at first glimpse the soul within before being enveloped by it. It's a rare, soaring, yearning voice, replete with her classical training and all her musical loves. It's the voice of all ages. It's a woman's voice. It's the voice of today.

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