Mathilda Homer

Mathilda HomerMathilda Homer

London, UK


Mathilda Homer is an up-and-coming, contemporary artist from London; her sound blends eclectic influences with bittersweet melodies and revealing lyrics that leave no stone unturned. Listeners are drawn into Mathilda's vivid stories that have already allowed the young songstress to become established within the London songwriting and filmmaking community; she has had her music and charming vocals feature on a number of films to-date including 'Hampstead’ and ‘Yellow Bird’. She has recently released her EP ‘God’s a Girl’ which tells stories that are at once relatable and captivating. There is no doubt that Mathilda’s debut EP is a polished and thoughtful introduction to her sound but if you haven’t heard her yet, sit back and listen to the un-pretentious, organic sound that Miss Homer has artfully captured in this project.

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