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The Myles Mancuso BandThe Myles Mancuso Band

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Myles Mancuso is a multi-instrumentalist who spreads his musical talents across the drums, bass, saxophone, and most commonly by fronting his band, The Myles Mancuso Band, where he sings and plays the guitar and organ/keys. Myles has composed, performed, and produced all of the original tracks on his four album releases. His original style of music is a blend of roots-rock and neosoul, and most recently classic country. In early 2018, Myles moved home to New York to release his fifth album, “Southern State of Mind.” This album is Myles’ first country album, which is highly influenced by The Outlaws of classic country music. As with Myles’ first four albums, this album too is written, performed, and produced by Myles. Now twenty-two, Myles has been fronting his own band and preforming professionally for audiences since the age of nine. Due to his talent and experience at such a young age, Myles was billed around Manhattan as "New York City's Youngest Working Bandleader/Guitarist.” Myles was also recognized in 2010 by TrueFire as one of the Top 10 Guitar Prodigies in the World. While growing up in the Hudson Valley of NY, Myles frequently played on some of the top stages in New York City, as well as performing at a variety of music festivals along the East Coast. In addition to performing on well-known stages, Myles has opened for and worked with with a variety of national artists, such as The Allman Brothers, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Les Paul, and Roy Hargrove, and for a number of years Myles performed as a special guest with Little Sammy Davis Jr. and Levon Helm at the "Blues in the Schools” events where they played at various schools around New York. Upon becoming band mates, Levon decided to take ten-year-old Myles under his wing and to guide him through the highs and lows of being a musician. After all of the experience and practice, Myles performed live on local TV and radio stations in New York, and has numerous articles written about him and his musical talents. Early in the local newspaper articles Myles was affectionately dubbed "Mojo Myles”, which he has kept as the name for his YouTube channel. Upon graduating from high school, Myles attended The Purchase Conservatory for Music in NYC to study musical performance. After a year of college, Myles decided to make his way south to live and perform in the Florida Keys. Myles grew his fan base as well as his musical styling for a few years in the Keys before he took his music to Nashville, in 2017. Myles lived and played in different clubs along the Broadway strip in Nashville for a year, this is where Myles discovered and learned all of the intricacies of classic country music, and where he was inspired to write his own country album. He returned home to the Hudson Valley area to write, record, and then share his newfound passion of classic country music with his life-long fans. Myles continues to record, perform live at clubs and festivals throughout the Southeast, as well as NYC, and the Hudson Valley, and also creates music beds and soundtracks for musical artists and advertising projects. Some notable moments for Myles are performing vocals and keyboard in a project organized by Eddie Brigati of “The Rascals”; when he was contracted to create music for a “Rockers On Broadway” production, which was used in a 2015 Broadway production; and in 2012 when The Myles Mancuso Story was nominated for an Emmy in the Entertainment: Program Feature/Segment category. (A big congratulation and thank you to Charlie Cornacchio, Senior Producer at Cablevision Greater New York City Area.) In 2010 Myles won an award from Boston's Berklee College of Music for a jazz piano performance with "The Jazz Machine" and then again in 2012 he was awarded for his outstanding musicianship at the Berklee College of Music. In 2007 a videotaped performance of Myles playing four different instruments on an original song was licensed to the Nickelodeon show "iCarly.” A similar video of Myles went viral when Yahoo put it on their home page with the title reading, "One Boy Band.” While in elementary school Myles won a national award for an original song on which he recorded the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Myles has also received many honorable mentions… Sid Bernstein, who is best known as the promoter who brought Beatles to America, said in an interview while promoting a show that featured Myles in NYC, "Myles is a bona fide prodigy that will thrill and captivate an audience.” Les Paul stated, "He reminds me of myself when I was a young boy.” Levon Helm, Grammy winner and legendary drummer of The Band said, "He may be a boy, but he sure plays like a man.” Daryl’s House Club (owned by Daryl Hall) said after a recent show; “If you haven't seen him yet, prepare to be amazed at this talent! He sings, plays guitar & keyboards with equal fervor & brilliance,” but an audience member summed up best what many people feel after hearing Myles play, "It's like seeing a musical legend in the making - this is a can't miss show."

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