Vienna, Austria


You can hear scraping, swishing, rustling, throbbing, ringing, cracking, hissing, sizzling – in the duo „Eschata”, Gloria Damijan & Günther Albrecht move at low volumes through freely improvised sound landscapes in which sometimes even music seems to shimmer through! The two musicians first met when participating at the project 'Ears Wide Open' at V:NM Festival Graz 2015. Since then, they have played many rehersal / recording sessions and concerts: Nadalokal / smallforms, P&B / Strenge Kammer, Setzkasten, Der Bloede Dritte Mittwoch @ rhiz, Republik Kuglmugl... Gloria Damijan : *Extended Toy Piano* Günther Albrecht : *(Dirty) Electronics* First release from Eschata featuring smallforms session recordings is now available on [Bandcamp](, [iTunes / iMusic](, [Amazon / Unlimited]( and streaming on [Deezer]( and [Spotify](

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