Danny Trent

Danny TrentDanny Trent

Bari, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy


Born in Bari, he graduated with honours in Classical Guitar from the “Niccolò Piccinni” music academy of his hometown, under the guidance of Maestro Pasquale Scarola. He was a member of the De Falla Guitar Orchestra, conducted and established by Maestro Scarola, with whom Trent performed from 2005 to 2013, even as a soloist, in several concerts, festivals, and TV shows in Italy and Switzerland (“Città di Manfredonia” guitar festival, “Città di Pescara” guitar festival, “Premio Diomede” of Canosa, “Puglia Film Commission - Omaggio a Fellini”, “I Concerti di Mediterre”, “L’Aia 3, Suoni e danze del mediterraneo” on Telenorba – a South-Italian TV station – “Salento Sotto le Stelle”, “Arthemisia Musica Classica Festival Internazionale”, XX International Music Festival of Pescara, “Gran Concerto Circolo Unione” at the Petruzzelli Theatre of Bari). He attended master classes, both in classical and modern music, with worldwide famous musicians and first-rate exponents of the international musical scene, such as Tommy Emmanuel, Doyle Dykes, Preston Reed, Eduardo Isaac, Flavio Cucchi, Lorenzo Micheli, Matteo Mela, Andrea Braido, Rocco Zifarelli, Giacomo Castellano. From 2010 to 2014, he was a guest artist of the “Rassegna Chitarristica Internazionale” in Apulia. Along his teaching activity, he also played in several tribute bands of artists like Claudio Baglioni, Bon Jovi, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Michael Jackson – still performing – and he founded the acoustic duo Cheek2Cheek, with his friend and colleague singer Lorella Falcone, with whom he revives the ‘50s classics in a fingerstyle way. He played with many musicians, not only from Bari, lending his guitar to the diverse genres and thus becoming a kind of shift worker. He also opened several concerts for artists such as Peter Cincotti, Fiordaliso, and Danilo Rea. In 2014, he performed in Toronto, Canada, offering a wide anthological repertoire on fingerpicking. In July 2017, he was one of the three finalists for the “2017 Emerging Guitarist” of the XXIV convention ADGPA Guitar International Rendez-vous in Pieve di Soligo and Conegliano (Treviso). In February 2018, his debut album “Two Homes” came out, whose single and opening track, “Waterfalls”, was selected by Rob Poland, founder of the prestigious American record company Candyrat Records, and added on his YouTube channel, scoring thousands of views and likes. Presented in Canada in summer 2018, this album met with praise and success. In July 2019, he was elected “Best Emerging Guitarist 2019” in Italy at the XXVI convention ADGPA e XIV Guitar International Rendez-vous, winning his participation to the important Festival de la Guitare in Issoudun, France.

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