Live Wire- The AC/DC Show

Live Wire- The AC/DC ShowLive Wire- The AC/DC Show

London, UK


Live/Wire is **THE** AC/DC Show. In its 40th Anniversary Year, Live/Wire are back treading the boards in celebration of the colossal Back in Black. Angus and co are rocking up into towns and cities across Europe with the cannons, the lights and a truck full of Marshall's to Shake You All Night Long. Live/Wire - The AC/DC Show are: >Simon - Lead Guitar (Angus Young) >Podge - Lead Vocals (Brian Johnson) >Dan - Rhythm Guitar (Malcolm Young) >Eddie - Bass Guitar (Cliff Williams) >Paul - Drums (Phil Rudd/Chris Slade) Current Location UK Influences AC/DC! Booking Agent Giant Expression Management Mob: +447800795270

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