Dominique Levack

Dominique LevackDominique Levack

United Kingdom


I am a composer and songwriter. I write in many genres and am currently working on new music for a legendary female soul singer. Back in the day I toured Europe & the UK with my band playing festivals including Glastonbury, Creamfields and Espantapitas. These days I prefer to work in the studio and produce, collaborate and create new music. I think its important to pay artists for their lifes work. For too long music has been devalued by the bigtech giants who basically get rich on the back of us. Did you know a stream is worth 1p? This 1p then gets divided into several portions with the writer receiving around 0.007p This site allows creators like me to get paid 80% of what you pay for my music. Are you prepared to pay for music? Or have you got used to streaming it for free or £5 a month on spitofy? If you have got used to free music, just take a minute to ask yourself how the musicians of today let alone tomorrow can survive. The truth is they can't - something to remember next time you stream a song. Yet Daniel Ek (CEO Spitofy) has a net worth of $2.5 billion. You see what the problem is here! I like Exit Live for this reason, and I encourage you to join up and support the music makers of today and tomorrow.

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