Dominique Levack

Dominique LevackDominique Levack

Brighton Beach, Brighton, UK


I grew up on a piano stool, and never got off. Music is my oxygen. This album is a collection of piano led pieces that were improvised and then expanded. Not seeing genres as bounderies but islands to explore I have used gregorian chants with electro ambient soundscapes, cello and beats. Playing this album live is a joy, because no 2 performances are the same. The solos change, like in jazz gigs depending on the weather and how I feel. I think it's important to pay artists for their lifes work. For too long music has been devalued by the bigtech giants and lables. How can a stream be worth 1p? This 1p then gets divided into several portions with the writer receiving around 0.007p Exit Live allows creators to get paid 80% of what you pay for my music. Are you prepared to pay for music? Or have you got used to streaming it for free or £5 a month? If you have got used to free music, just take a minute to ask yourself how the musicians of today let alone tomorrow can survive. The truth is they can't - something to remember next time you stream a song. I like Exit Live for this reason, and I encourage you to join up and support the music makers of today and tomorrow.

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